What is important?

Once installed, insulation does need to be maintained for it's effective ongoing performance.

Most building insulation is made from fibres, or foams, creating lots of very small airgaps (air gas pockets). It is those still air pockets that inhibit the transfer of (heat) energy from the hotter side to the cooler side. Insulation should not be compressed.

Thermal insulation should be continuous without gaps across the building element (roof, ceiling, walls) and positioned between framing.

Ceiling insulation and Underfloor insulation can be accessed by other trades.

    What to consider;
  • Do not compress insulation by storing items on top
  • Ensure other trades when accessing ceilings/underfloors return the insulation back to it's loft and without gaps
  • If insulation gets wet or damp, replace with fresh insulation
  • Try not to stand on or or move insulation once in place
  • Make sure your building is weathertight.
What to do if insulation is disturbed, wet or moved?

We can advise options to fix or replace insulation. Take some photos and send to us. In some instances you could fix yourself. Alternatively one of our team can visit, assess the works and quote for rectification/replacement.

If you do have other trades are accessing ceilings, underfloors or exposing walls, make sure it is a condition of their works that they return the insulation back to it's original condition.

What about warranties?

Insulation that is not maintained properly can void product and installation warranties.