Blow-in Glasswool

Blow-in glasswool for new & existing buildings

Existing or new buildings, may improve performance by having dry blown in glasswool insulation applied.

Super high performance, non-combustible glasswools designed for injection into timber & steel frame construction. For retrofit or new construction. Providing thermal, acoustic and fire resistant barrier. Fills gaps, voids & hard to reach areas around pipes, electrical wires & fixtures.


  • new construction - external and internal walls
  • new construction - mid-floors and skillion ceiling
  • new construction - open cavity ceilings
  • existing buildings - external and internal walls
  • existing buildings - mid-floors and open cavity ceilings
Worldwide useage

Blown dry glasswool insulation is used extensively in Europe and North America. It is well proven. Added to that, the Eco Insulation network of trained installers follow rigorous systems to ensure the products are installed to the manufacturer's specifications.

Blown dry glasswool insulation provides excellent thermal and acoustic benefits. Unlike other products, this is dry when installed so is not adding moisture to the building structure.

Quality Product

We use world-class insulation products which are safe to install, are innovative, meet New Zealand building regulations and are cost effective for you. Find out more by reviewing our INSULATION SOLUTIONS