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Established in 2000, the Eco Insulation business has become a leading national installer of energy efficiency solutions for buildings in New Zealand using high performance, safe and sustainable insulation.

Initially focused on the retrofit of ceiling insulation in homes to support the Government healthy homes schemes, today Eco Insulation has partnerships with some of the largest manufacturers of building products in the world, and offers a much wider range of insulation products and services in the Residential and Commercial markets for both existing and new buildings.

The Eco Insulation product range includes sheep’s wool, polyester, glasswool and specialty products that are BRANZ appraised. Eco Insulation products are often used in high performance homes and buildings that require warranted sustainability characteristics. EcoInsulation’s products and service are supplied to Carters and installed by a network of Accredited Installers.

In 2021, the Eco Insulation business was acquired by Knauf Insulation (from Germany) which is investing in new systems and energy services to deliver warranted “real” performance from installed insulation solutions.