Retrofit Wall Insulation - for existing homes

Our Ceiling Solution

The ecoinsulation blow-in ceiling insulation option provides excellent thermal performance for some properties.

When you are building a new home, or looking to improve your existing home and you want to achieve optimum performance, consider blow-in glasswool as part of your thermal envelope.

For Retrofit

Delivers a high performance new or additional (top-up) insulation layer with High R-Values relative to the thickness. Not suitable for all houses.

New Build

Ideal for most new build houses where there is good ceiling access and an excellent option for high performance skillion roofs.


The Jet Stream MAX dry glasswool insulation is blown into the ceiling space by ecoinsulation accredited installers. Jet Stream MAX installed in your ceiling forms an even layer of insulation that meets your specific thermal performance requirements, or tops-up your existing insulation. The process is quick and clean with minimal disruption. The installation of insulation will only be carried out once a full assessment of the suitability of the property and area to be insulated has been completed.