High Performance Homes

Include high performance blow-in glasswool in your design

The ecoinsulation blow-in services have delivered numerous solutions for high performance homes in both the South Island and the North Island of New Zealand.

When you are building a new home and you want to achieve optimum performance, consider blow-in glasswool as part of your thermal envelope.

New Build

Jet Stream MAX is a high performance solution for walls and skillion roofs in high performance homes. It is suitable for a wide range of framing depths and easily fills small and large cavities. The process is quick and clean and complements the construction process.

Jet Stream MAX fills the entirety of the cavity, providing maximum R-value for each building element. Check out the DATASHEET for specific detail

For walls; 0.032w/mK. For skillion ceilings; 0.039w/mK.

What about acoustic performance?

Not only do these products provide high performance thermal ratings, they also provide improved acoustic performance too.

Types of houses

Jet Stream MAX for thermal envelope:

  • High performance homes
  • Passive house design
  • Zero Energy homes and buildings
  • Most houses in New Zealand have a wall construction designed with standard 90mm framing. The insulation value (R value) of a wall is primarily a function of the R value of the insulation material and the percentage of framing in the wall. Standard 90mm framing with nogs/dwangs can have up to 25% thermal bridging from the timber framing, meaning that heat can escape from the building through these points.

    Consider simple improvments including 140mm+ wall framing, reduced or removed nogs/dwangs, and consider a second internal cavity for placement of services.

    ecoinsulation is a member of the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) and a bronze supporter of the Passive House Institute.