Retrofit Wall Insulation - for existing homes

The simple, non invasive, safe solution to create the cosiest of homes.

Add wall insulation to complete the thermal envelope in your home - ceilings, underfloors and now walls! We make it easy for you.

The ecoinsulation® blow-in retrofit wall insulation solution greatly improves the thermal performance of external walls in suitable homes.

Our engineered blow-in insulation solution makes your home more energy efficient, saving you money and making your home more comfortable. The process of installing insulation will add value to your home by upgrading to modern standards.

How do we do it?

Our high performance blow-in solution is suitable for walls in existing homes built with both Brick Veneer and Weatherboard cladding. Where installed, the insulation fills the cavity, maximising the potential thermal performance. Unlike other solutions that require the existing internal lining to be removed, our solution is installed through small holes made in the existing internal lining.

  • We will conduct a free 'whole of house' assessment to ensure your home is suitable for our system to be installed
  • A quote will be provided to you, identifying any areas that may require remediation prior to installation
  • If your property is brick veneer, a clear waterproof coating will be applied to reduce the ability for water to transfer through the cladding
  • Our trained accredited installer team will complete the install through small holes in the interior lining
  • The holes in the interior lining are remediated to an agreed upon level
  • A post-installation audit is completed to ensure complete install to all areas of your home
  • You can sit back and enjoy the benefits of a well insulated home!
  • The improvements to your home will be recorded on your LIM.

High Performance

Supafil® Frame is a high performance product with the following key attributes:

  • Can achieve an R rating of up to R2.8 in standard 100mm wall (4" in old terms!)
  • Can achieve an R rating of up to R3.6 in 140mm wall such as brick veneer
  • A dry, loose glass mineral wool insulation
  • Non-combustible
  • Silicon treated for added water protection
  • An integral component of our CodeMark system

All houses?

Supafil® Frame external wall insulation may not be suitable for all house types. The installation processes need to meet the Codemark Certificate and (in some cases) local council Consent requirements.

We will need quite a lot of information from you before we visit your property. This is to ensure we do not miss important areas/risks that we assess before we can provide you with a quote. CONTACT US today for a free assessment and quote.

Please refer to our CUSTOMER GUIDE for more detailed information about our processes.

DECLARE certification

Supafil® s the first blowing wool solution certified in Europe by the DECLARE label.

Supafil® is composed of 99% glass mineral wool and less than 1% of antidust and antistatic. The DECLARE label underlines the natural credentials of our blowing wool.