Knauf Insulation has built a €120 million plant in Malaysia to meet soaring demand for its Mineral Wool insulation solutions across the Asia Pacific region.

Knauf Insulation has officially opened its first plant in Malaysia marking an exciting new chapter for the Asia Pacific region.

The new plant, which is located in Johor Bahru in the southern part of the country, started production of Glass Mineral Wool solutions, including EcoInsulation products, in early 2021. With an annual capacity of 75 000 tones, it offers customers enhanced services and a wider product range for residential and non-residential buildings specifically tailored for the Asia Pacific market.

Stuart Dunbar, Knauf Insulation’s Managing Director for Asia Pacific, said: “Demand for insulation products that offer warranted quality, sustainability and ease of handling is soaring across the region due to increasing energy costs and more stringent building regulations in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and Korea.”

New solutions — and the new plant — enjoy outstanding sustainable credentials. Johor Bahru features some of the most efficient technology available on the market today, and a wide range of solutions are produced from up to 80% post-consumer recycled glass using, company's revolutionary bio-based ECOSE Technology® binder. In addition, emissions from shipping and transporting products to their final destination are offset thanks to unique compression packaging, which allows to deliver a high volume of products per shipment. The entire product range has also been customised to meet the specific requirements of residential and non-residential markets in New Zealand.