Masonry wall

Premium Masonry Wall Insulation

Dritherm from Knauf Insulation is a moisture resistant slab that resists the transmission of water, therefore it can be installed directly against the masonry or concrete wall without risk of the insulation absorbing any moisture.

Part of the Earthwool Glasswool range, DriTherm Cavity slab is made using recycled glass and with ECOSE® Technology, a revolutionary binder that contains no added formaldehyde, phenols or acrylics. The silicone coated glasswool provides a tried and tested solution for masonry walls.

30 Years proven performance in UK buildings

In the wet and windy UK climate, DriTherm Cavity slab has kept family homes comfortable for over 30 years.

Thermal Performance

High thermal performance with a material R-Value of R1.5 for 50mm product.

Water Resistant

DriTherm Cavity slab is silicone treated to resist the passage of water from the outer to the inner leaf.


DriTherm Cavity slab is manufactured with ECOSE Technology which reduces embodied energy and delivers superior environmental sustainability.