Acoustic Wall Solution

Time to insulate your internal walls/partitions and make your home or office less noisy.

Whether you are building a new home or have an existing house, the ecoinsulation® professional blow-in acoustic solutions can help reduce sound transmission from both external and internal sounds.

Unwanted noise can come from both inside and outside the home or commercial office. Whether it's the unwelcome wake up call from your neighbour mowing their lawn early in the morning or the sound of the spin cycle in the laundry room, the solution to fix these problems may have seemed out of reach, until now.

Retrofit and New Build

Our acoustic wall blow-in uses Jet Steam MAX, a high performance acoustic solution for internal walls in existing homes. Jet Stream MAX fills the cavity, maximising the potential acoustic performance, without the need to remove any wall linings.

Blow-in insulation can provide as much as an 10dB reduction at 250HZ (max adult speech range).

What about thermal performance?

Not only does Jet Stream MAX provide improved acoustic performance of your internal walls, it also provides thermal performance too. A typical 90mm wall cavity installed with Jet Stream MAX also offers about R2.8 thermal performance - that's a great solution!

Where can it be used?

Jet Stream MAX for acoustic purposes:

  • Install to walls of bathrooms and toilets
  • Isolate that washing machine and dryer noise
  • TV or gaming room
  • Home office
  • Internal partitions
  • Commercial Buildings

  • Has your office building changed use?
  • New offices or tenancies created?
  • Existing walls/partitions you don't want to move?
  • Noisy hotel units?
  • Conference rooms?
  • Meeting rooms?