About Us

About Us

The Eco Insulation network has grown and developed since being created in 2000.

We are Kiwis passionate about improving the comfort and energy efficiency of New Zealand buildings - for the improved health and benefit of those living and working in them. We are a privately owned New Zealand business.

Our insulation products are safe to handle, have been designed to save energy and to improve the comfort of building users.

We continue to introduce innovative world class insulation systems to improve New Zealand buildings. You can find Eco Insulation services in most major cities.

  • many of our products are made using recycled raw materials,
  • our teams are selected for their skill and knowledge, not only in insulation but also in understanding buildings and your needs,
  • we work closely with our maunfacturer suppliers to ensure we are bringing you innovative and cost effective solutions.
Some of our history

The Eco Insulation brand was created in 2000. The Eco Insulation brand's demonstrated commitment to excellence, innovation and the environment has previously seen Eco Insulation win awards such as; Westpac Enterprise North Shore Business Excellence Awards, 'Best Emerging Business Category', 2002, 2003, and in the 'Environment Management' section, 2006.

Today, the business is operated by Eco Insulation Systems Limited, established in 2013 to continue offering and introducing new high-quality world-class insulation and building energy efficiency measures through our professional network.