New house insulation

All new houses will have specified R-value insulation for the thermal envelope. This will include Ceilings, Walls and the Underfloor (if not a concrete base). The specified insulation generally is set to only just meet the thermal requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

When building a new home you have one chance to get it right. Ask your builder to discuss options with their local Carters branch.

By world standards, the NZ Building Code sets quite low performance targets for thermal insulation. We strongly recommend considering upgrading the R-value of both walls and ceilings where possible. In most instances it is only a matter of 'hundreds' of dollar incremental cost, as opposed to 'thousands'. Ask us to provide upgrade options at time of quotation. In addition, some products are more costly than others. Again, we can offer alternative products as part of your budgeting and overall house cost analysis.

    Our teams ensure:

  • the thermal envelope performs as designed
  • the right product is installed in the right application
  • the products will be installed to manufacturers' instructions and required standards
  • you receive good advice on best practice for energy efficiency, improved comfort, and future proofing your building
  • we will follow safe work practices.

Quality Product

We have selected world-class insulation products which are safe to install, meet New Zealand building regulations and are cost effective for you. Find out more by reviewing our Product Range