Greater Wellington Insulation Programme - Rates

Greater Wellington Council Insulation Programme | What is being offered?

The Regional Council is offering you an alternative to purchase insulation. As a ratepayer you can apply for up to $3,900 (including GST). This is paid back with interest over 9 years through your property’s rates. This increase on your rates will not start until a new rates year. This is also referred to as a VTR - 'variable targeted rates' - programme.

    CONDITIONS: To be eligible for this financial assistance you must;

  • you are a ratepayer
  • Be up to date with your rate payments, and
  • Have a house built prior to 2000.
How to apply

Get in touch with us; An Eco Insulation team member will contact you and we will assess your home free of charge and provide options to fit insulation and heating. (You may wish to get more than one quote) We will explain the Regional Council's offer and will help you complete the application form. The process that follows;

  • If you choose to apply for GW financial assistance, send your application form along with the Eco Insulation quote in the supplied freepost envelope to Greater Wellington Council (we will supply you all of this)
  • If your rates are up to date the council should approve your application within 5 working days of receipt and send you confirmation
  • The Council will also notify Eco insulation of this confirmation
  • When your installation is completed we will invoice GWRC. The GWRC then pay the agreed contributions to Eco Insulation with any outstanding amount payable by you.
  • GW will add your additional rating increase to your property’s Land Information Memorandum (LIM)