Slab Insulation

Slab edge and underslab insulation

Buildings with exposed slabs or with underfloor (hydronic) heating could perform far better by having slab insulation installed. This helps complete the thermal envelop to keep heat energy inside the building, improving comfort, energy efficiency and structural durability.

Concrete has high thermal conductivity - this means that concrete will allow heat energy to pass out through it's structure easily, similar to plain glass. Slab insulation helps reduce the flow of heat energy out through the slab edges, and down through the concrete into the ground. Keep that heat energy inside your building.

    Slab insulation applications;

  • new construction - underslab prior to pour with ClimaFoam XPS
  • new construction - EcoSlab®to external slab edge - installed prior to pour, or after pour
  • existing concrete slabs - to external slab edge using EcoSlab®

Slab edge insulation, made in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions. Find out more by reviewing our ECOSLAB.

Quality Products

We use world-class insulation products which are safe to install, are innovative, meet New Zealand building regulations and are cost effective for you. Find out more by reviewing our INSULATION SOLUTIONS