Rental Property Insulation

Insulation for Rental properties - it makes sense

Insulating rental properties is a relatively low cost investment which helps to keep tenants warmer, protects rental houses from issues with mould and damp, and can add value. Changes have been made to the Residential Tenancies Act requiring rental properties to be warmer, drier and safer for the hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders.

We can assist landlords to cost effectively have insulation installed in ceilings and underfloors. Check out our specialised service for rental property owners and managers SNUG HOMES FOR RENTALS.

  • All residential rental homes in New Zealand are required to have insulation by July 2019.
  • Landlords are required to provide a statement on the tenancy agreement for any new tenancy commencing after 1 July 2016 about the location, type and condition of insulation in the rental home.
  • We can provide you Statement of Insulation to hold on file.
  • Installing (or repairing) conductive foil insulation in residential and rental homes is now banned.
A reliable and simple process

We offer a very simple process to help you with obtaining Statements of Insulation, and installation of insulation to bring rental properties up to the new requirements. Contact us and we will arrange for one of our team to visit the rental property, look at the current insulation, advise if meeting requirements, and then offer a quote to bring up to the RTA and 'HHS' requirments.

Typically we can come to your place within 1-3 weeks of your enquiry, and installation is usually within 2-4 weeks of acceptance. During winter months things will get busier, so we encourage you to contact us well before the due date.

No False Discounts

Note, we do not offer false discounts, so our pricing is best price first time.

Quality Product

We have selected world-class insulation products which are safe to install, meet New Zealand building regulations and are cost effective for you. Find out more by reviewing our INSULATION SOLUTIONS.