Clean heating options

A well performing house requires the three elements of insulation, heating and ventilation working well together. Heating makes up the largest use of energy use in most homes.

For heating systems to operate well it requires the whole house to be draught free and fully insulated (walls, ceiling and underfloor).

  • Good insulation - completing the thermal envelope
  • Clean heating - clean burning wood fires or heat pumps
  • Extraction ventilation - removing moisture and stale air
  • Close off gaps - reduce uncontrolled air movement around doors & windows
Draughty houses are impossible to heat!

Don't forget - air leaks are estimated to account for a third to a half of heating costs, so by making homes as tight (not draughty) as possible does saves energy, makes your home more comfortable and healthy to live in.

The goal is to reduce uncontrolled ventilation/filtration and to provide effective heating together with well-designed extraction ventilation systems to control the levels of indoor pollutants.

Airtightness is a good thing - with good ventilation

Limiting air movement through the building envelope also limits moisture migration, reducing the risks of moisture damage in ceilings and wall. When combined with effectively designed and operated heating and ventilation, a tight home provides better control of air movement and reduces the chances of mould, wood decay, and harmful levels of indoor pollutants.

Product range - selected Eco Insulation locations only

We offer choices of clean heating (heatpumps and clean burning fires). In some locations the installation of these items can be included on your rates programme. Call 0800 400 326 to confirm if this is available in your area.

Heating & Ventilation Solutions