Auckland Council Insulation Programme - Rates

Retrofit your home | Auckland Council Rates

Eco Insulation are an appointed service provider of Auckland Council's Retrofit Your Home programme which allows insulation to be paid off via your rates. This is also referred to as a VTR - 'variable targeted rates' - programme.

If your home is draughty, damp or not well insulated, and you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for financial assistance through Eco Insulation for the Auckland Council Retrofit Your Home Programme.

    Eligibilty: you may be eligible if;

  • you are an Auckland Council ratepayer
  • you are up to date with your rate payments and have a good payment history.

You can apply for up to value $5000 (including GST) financial assistance to access several different home improvement retrofit interventions. The following are available from Eco Insulation:

  • home insulation
  • clean heating - note your house must already be insulated.
  • Repayment

    Repayment of this assistance is over nine years through a targeted rate included on your rates bill. Interest will be charged on the amount borrowed, at the same rate Auckland Council pay for their own cost of borrowing, plus a small administrative margin. This rate is normally around seven per cent. If you want to repay the assistance earlier, you can make extra repayments.

    If you sell your house, the financial assistance owing on the property passes to the new homeowner. The seller has a legal requirement to inform any purchaser of the existence of the rate, and you must include a written provision in any sale agreement recording that disclosure.

    How to apply

    If you're interested in any of the above: download the information pack, and phone us on 0800 400 ECO so we can visit your house, complete the free assessment, provide a quotation and discuss the Auckland Council Retrofit your home programme.

    When you've decided, return the signed copy of our quotation along with your fully completed application form and ratepayer agreement to us. We will send your application to Auckland Council who will let us (and you) know when your application is approved and we can install. (Note - we cannot install until the Council has provided us with a formal approval). Once the work has been completed you will repay Auckland Council through your rates, over a period of up to nine years. If you want to pay the amount back sooner you can do so with no penalty. Living in a warm and more comfortable home too!