Subsidies - fact or fiction?

Subsidies | What is being offered?

There are a very small number of real subsidies available. These subsidised transactions are administered by EECA and exist to target the truly at need families with health needs, young and older family members, and supported by some fantastic trusts and charities providing support to reduce the cost of the installation of insulation into these needy family homes. We think that is a great thing to do and we applaud the government!

What we don't think is that flash is the many organsations who claim to have subsidies or 'special discounts' and in doing so may be tricking people to think they are recieving some form of special pricing or subsidy, with funding from EECA and/or the real charities. (Note: EECA is a government agency).

    If you are offered a 'subsidy' try asking the following questions of that company;

  • Is this subsidy from EECA?
  • If so, how much of it is EECA subsidy?
  • Who is the charity or trust who is also funding this subsidy?
  • How much is that Charity funding?
  • And are you offering me best price up front?
Our Approach - Best price first time & NO FALSE DISCOUNTS

We offer a competitive service, cost effective with high quality installation and products. We are not an appointed EECA Service Provider.

Please don't been fooled by the false discounts. If you are a homeowner or a landlord and want to take advantage of everyday low prices for installation of insulation for your house - regardless of your house age - please CONTACT US.